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After Dylan Reilly and his wife escape three deadly attacks, he decides to purchase a Smith & Wesson six-shooter, trains with a former U.S. Marine and becomes the fastest gun! Like a cowboy from the old west, he then goes out and confronts armed and dangerous killers, hoping to save thousands of innocent lives. Carrying his pearl-handled six-shooter, he comes face to face with vicious terrorists, thieves, gangsters, dangerous men with semiautomatic weapons who will kill innocent people without a second thought. Each time, Dylan Reilly knows that if he’s not lightning fast and deadly accurate, people will die.  In this unique action-packed novel that thriller readers will love, the average man heroically fights back with his six-shooter!


Fast paced, action filled, and a moving commentary on war and the state of the post-9/11 world, John Ruane has written a compelling story for our times, seen through the lens of Dylan Reilly and a generation coming of age at a time of profound change wrought by globalism, terrorism, fear and political insecurity.  A Dangerous Freedom is a novel with a statement that will be hard to put down.

                                                                               -- Richard Lindberg, Historian & Author

A Dangerous Freedom is an action thriller in the vein of Tom Clancy or Vince Flynn.  The terror attack on 9/11/01 changed the lives of an entire generation. Some wanted revenge, some wanted to use it to their advantage, and some just wanted to get on with their lives. But as terrorism becomes more commonplace, no one is safe. The only problem is, when it comes time to the fight, you find that the lines are blurred and sometimes it’s hard to tell friend from foe.

                                                                                                              -- Tom E. Hicklin, Author

This action-thriller reminds me of these movies: Dirty Harry, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Mississippi Burning and American History X.

                                                                                                               -- Brooks Kohler, Author


Ruane brings the scenes to life and really puts the reader in the middle of the action, which builds to become an exciting thriller! 


                                                                                                      -- Geoffrey Warwick , Author


A Dangerous Freedom is the first in a series of action-packed novels. Dylan Reilly is a new protagonist worth following. Enjoy the ride and the read.

                                                                                                              -- Bob Hamer, Author


                                                     John Ruane