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After traveling the country wth famed NFL running back, Earl Campbell, who was giving talks to men about dealing with their panic disorder, John Ruane was asked to write a book about Earl and his personal experience with the devastating illness which results in suicide by millions of men each year.

The goal was to relate the story of the man considered by most, NFL experts, including the great Jim Brown, to be the most powerful running back in the league.

The main message to men was, if Earl Campbell could seek help from a mental health professional, then why shouldn't any man. Psychiatrists can save lives, but it requires the men who are suffering from panic and anxiety to take that first step toward the doctor's office.

To provide a full perspective of the now legendary Texan,   author Ruane provides a full biography, so those unfamiliar with the NFL can fully appreciate his evolution and actions to seek help.  Beginning with his days growing up in Tyler, Texas to Earl's glory days on the gridiron, readers will gain a a full perspective about this incredible athlete. 


The book was published by ECW Press in 1999 and is available on

Book cover for The Earl Campbell Story
Earl Campbell, Houston Oiler Hall of Fame running back

Earl Campbell was the most powerful running back in NFL history. Earl was a three-time NFL MVP. He was born and raised in Tyler, Texas and led Tyler High to the Texas State Championship.  Then, it was on to the University of Texas where he won the Heisman Trophy. Finally, he dominated the NFL playing for the Houston Oilers to become the pride of Texas, a State hero and a sports legend.  

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