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John Ruane is currently best-known for his second book, Parish the Thought, An Inspirational Memoir of Growing Up Catholic in the 1960s.  This book received great reviews from critics and readers across the country.   In addition, thousands of letters were received from readers who felt he had  written their life's story. That's how universal the experience is for Catholics.



Parish the Thought Cover
The Earl Campbell Story book cover

 The Earl Campbell Story is Ruane's first book, profiling the life of the Hall of Fame running back, considered the most powerful back in the history of the NFL. The book covers Earl Campbell's life story but focuses on his battle with panic disorder to inspire other men suffering from the illness to seek  proper medical help. 

 Ruane's two other books, The Real News! and The Wizards of Spin, are each a compilation of satirical stories. Both received great reviews, The Real News! receiving 12 out of 12 glowing reviews from critics who stated the book is unique because it is non-partisan, not mean-spirited and funny! 

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