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Defending America
Russian Assault book cover
US Capitol building

This is a 5-Star action-thriller for readers who love intense life-and-death dramatic scenes! Fast-paced, page-turning, spine-tingling action that won’t let you put the book down!

In this second novel in the Dylan Reilly thriller series, a rogue group of former Russian KGB agents launch deadly attacks on Washington, D.C. in an effort to overthrow the U.S. government. In this sequel to the critically-acclaimed action-thriller,
A Dangerous Freedom, our hero, Dylan Reilly, is enlisted to work with the Secret Service to combat deadly assaults on the U.S. capital. The fate of America rests on their ability to identify the source of this coup d'état and stop them in their tracks. If they can’t, the country could fall to the Russians. This 2023 best selling book is being compared to novels by Michael Connelly and David Baldacci. 

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 By Diane Donovan

Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


Fans of the Dylan Reilly debut thriller novel, A Dangerous Freedom, have the opportunity to further delve into Reilly's world and the threats to it in the sequel, Russian Assault, which opens with the power of an incoming missile at the White House, resulting in an Oval Office in flames and under fire.


Marine Corps sniper and Secret Service Director, Ken Hack, has earned a medal for his courage. But nothing could have prepared him for this type of action as he stands atop the White House defending the President and represents the opening salvo of an assault that commands the reader’s attention in the unfolding political and military suspense that is Russian Assault.


After seeing the news of the devastating attack, Dylan Reilly feels compelled and called to action, joining authorities in a search for justice that leads him into danger from unexpected sources.


His suspicion that the assault is far deeper and broader than is being depicted is correct, but the real truth will challenge even his own capacity to address the perps and get to the bottom of their actions and organization.


Are activist groups destroying the country, or does their command center go above and beyond citizen protests to delve into international waters?


Once again, John Ruane has crafted a compelling story that edges between familiar-sounding real-world possibilities and events and extrapolations that move the intrigue into unexpected realms.


Dylan's character again takes center stage. This will prove compelling for both his prior fans and newcomers, who will find Russian Assault stands nicely on its own, as well as being a powerful expanded feature of Dylan's efforts.


From comments on hope-driven leadership and historical precedent to peaceful and violent demonstrations and their effects on democratic process and American issues, Ruane provides a probe that incorporates present-day, familiar-feeling scenarios with a futuristic examination of a disaster that simmers under the surface of current events.


The tension is well crafted, the story's twists and turns are unexpected, and the overall attention to juxtaposing historical precedent with issues involved in defending freedom is thought-provoking, as well as action-packed.


Libraries looking for powerful political suspense thrillers that inject insights about democratic processes and the forces that struggle for and against them will find that Russian Assault goes beyond the story of an attack to examine the foundations of how a democracy (and its individuals and defenders) respond to adversity.

"A wonderful thriller novel!"

     -- Rick Kogan, WGN Radio


"Dylan Reilly is an underdog hero for people to cheer on. I think that's good!" 

    -- Dan Proft, AM560, The Answer

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